Certificate in Nail Technology

The only NZQA-Approved solely nail technology-based certificate in the South Island

Our comprehensive nail technology course offers you complete nail technology training, including manicure and pedicure, through the Certificate in Nail Technology. Learn acrylics, gels, overlays, wraps, tips and more through this NZQA-Approved course, the South Island's only NZQA-Approved certificate-level course dedicated solely to nail technology.

Not sure what nail technology's about? See our Introduction to Nail Technology.

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Quick Facts: Certificate in Nail Technology

Award type



45 (0.375 EFTS)




15 weeks plus international exams (no school holidays)

Prospectus Code


Students per class




Inside class

20 hours per week

Outside class

10 hours per week

Usual intakes

Late January / early February and mid-July

See below for exact starting dates

Programme cost*

Domestic students

International students


$3,371 NZD**

$7,069 NZD**


  • NZQA-Approved
  • ITEC-Approved
  • Approved for loans & allowances

* Extra expenses apply.

** 2017 prices indicative only. We will not know definitive 2017 prices until funding is approved and other policies are released.

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About the Certificate in Nail Technology

Here is some more in-depth information about this course:

  • The Certificate in Nail Technology deals with manicures, pedicures and nail technology.
  • This course is suggested for those who have no prior beauty therapy training.
    • Qualified beauty therapists can also take this course with RPL towards 9 credits in this course.
  • Graduates successfully completing this course become a fully-qualified nail technician as recognised in New Zealand and most countries throughout the world.
  • Nail technology, according to KiwiCareers, is one of the most rapidly growing industries in New Zealand at the moment.
  • Our tutors have many years experience in the nail technology industry and hold NZQA-Approved and / or international qualifications in nail technology.
  • In order to work on a cruise ship, you are required to hold a recognised Certificate in Nail Technology (NZQA-Approved).
  • We offer the only NZQA-Approved Certificate in Nail Technology course dedicated solely to nail technology in the South Island.
  • It is important to note that any entry-level nail technology course you are looking at undertaking complies with the following:
    • It is at least 400 hours in total; and
    • You undertake supervised practical training (required for employment); and
    • It includes all the subjects as we have listed below; and
    • It is NZQA-Approved and approved by ITEC and/or CIBTAC; and
    • It is recognised by the industry.

This course is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989, and the National School of Aesthetics is accredited to teach it.

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How the Certificate in Nail Technology Fits into the Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Applied Aesthetics

The Certificate in Nail Technology gives the student who successfully completes and graduates the course a total of 9 credits towards the Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Applied Aesthetics (120 credits).

This course does not qualify a student as a partially- or fully-qualified Beauty Therapist upon completion. The student would need to complete all three courses (Certificate in Aesthetics, Certificate in Physiatrics and Certificate in Electrology) to be considered a fully-qualified Beauty Therapist in New Zealand and most countries around the world.

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Outcome Statement for the Certificate in Nail Technology

Outcome statement: Nail Technology graduates should hold the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge to safely perform nail technology treatments independently and competently in an international commercial environment.

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Subjects in the Certificate in Nail Technology

Students attending the Certificate in Nail Technology course will engage in the following components (click on each name for more information):


Credits Level

Manicure and Pedicure



Anatomy and Physiology for Manicurists



Chemistry for Manicurists



Nail Technology



Sciences for Nail Technicians



Professional Conduct and Business Awareness



Certificate in Nail Technology



All subjects are required. None are optional.

Further information on the above sections can be found by clicking on their names. The information should appear below the name.

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Recognised Awards Available

Upon successful completion of the course requirements and final examination, the candidate may be eligible for the following awards. No extra expenses, applications or requirements apply to sit the National School of Aesthetics qualifying examinations in the first instance.

The National School of Aesthetics

Certificate in Nail Technology

You are also welcome to apply to sit international qualifying examinations. Extra expenses and requirements apply. Awards you may gain as a result are:


International Therapy Examination Council

Diploma in Nail Technology

  • Unit 11: Manicure & Pedicure
  • Unit 20: Nail Technology
  • Unit 22: Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

You must attend our course to sit ITEC examinations through us.

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Your Further Study Options

Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you may be eligible to study further with us. Options include:

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Dates, Times, Costs and More Details

Please find below the dates, times, costs and other details about this course.


2017 costs are tentative at the moment. 2017 information will not be finalised until late 2016.

Intake Start Finish Days Hours Domestic Fees* International Fees* Classes
1 30 Jan 2017 12 May 2017 M - F 9 AM - 1 PM $3,371 $7,069 1
2 24 Jul 2017 3 Nov 2017 M - F 9 AM - 1 PM $3,371 $7,069 1

There are no term breaks / school holidays during the full time programme.


Domestic students enrolling in this course may be eligible for student loans and student allowances.

See Special Notes for some terms and conditions.

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Special Notes

  • All prices include 15% GST and are in New Zealand dollars.
  • See Application and Enrolment Dates for further information. To avoid disappointment, the school highly suggests applying for your course as soon as the enrolment opens.
  • For this course, we require at least 8 students to be enrolled a week-and-a-half prior to the course starting date in order for it to proceed.
  • * 2017 prices listed are tentative only. We will not know definitive 2017 prices until funding is approved and other policies are released.
  • Domestic students: You must pay a $100 deposit when you enrol. You cannot pay the deposit, or get it reimbursed through, a student loan. This $100 goes towards your total fees.
  • International Students: Please see the International Students section.
    • International students must pay their entire course fee on enrolment.
  • The National School of Aesthetics reserves the right to alter or change details, prices, dates, et cetera, on the courses at the school.
  • This information was correct and accurate (and in some cases, forecasted) at the time of Web publication (08/16).
  • Extra expenses apply.
  • Payment plans are not available.
  • See The Physiotherapy Act Disclaimer for further information on the Physiotherapy Act and the National School of Aesthetics.

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